Green Space - Environment

If you’re looking to create a landscaped space in your city, district, industrial site or company, then look no further...

EVE (Green Space & Environment) is your expert landscaping company, working together with local authorities, social housing owners, developers, industrialists and the general public. EVE is also certified Quali-Paysage and Certiphyto, and member of UNEP Reunion.

EVE will satisfy all your landscaping needs for public spaces, parks and gardens: from landscape design, creation and maintenance of outdoor spaces to landscape masonry and the planting of trees, shrubs and ornamental plants.

EVE’s areas of expertise :
• Development of green spaces (plants and furniture).
• Upkeep (mowing, trimming, pruning, watering).
• Restoration of degraded green spaces, recycling of solid waste (excavated earth, soil, stones) and green waste (compost).
• Rehabilitation of closed landfill sites.
• Production of green roofs.
• Production of green facades.

The Art of Landscaping

With our experienced and enthusiastic team, fully committed to creating beautiful landscapes, EVE is able to satisfy all your needs related to green space development.
EVE boasts real expertise in tropical environments and an extensive knowledge of the sector, thus enabling the design office and site teams to come up with the appropriate and sustainable solutions for any project.

Green Space - Environment

Our Skills

New horizons

Environmental protection is a growing concern for public and private developers. To meet this demand, EVE is developing new and complementary skills in waste recycling, the regeneration of degraded land and the rehabilitation of old landfill sites.

Green Space - Environment


Qualification CERTIPHYTO – Entretien des espaces verts

Cette qualification est un gage de bonne maîtrise de l’utilisation des différents produits phytopharmaceutiques par :
• l’identification des dangers et risques associés à chaque produit, pour les êtres humains et l’environnement,
• l’utilisation efficace et raisonnée des produits phytopharmaceutiques.

La société E.V.E. est agréé sous le numéro d’immatriculation RE00201 lui permettant d’appliquer des produits phytopharmaceutiques en prestation de service.

« La Natir i pé toute et i fé toute »

"Nature can do everything and anything" M. de Montaigne


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150 Chemin Piton Défaud 97460 SAINT-PAUL - LA RÉUNION

EVE has been active in the landscaping sector since 1996, working with rigour, commitment and seeking to preserve Reunion’s natural environment. Within the INEXENCE Group since 2015, EVE has been strengthening and improving its existing offer to ensure it is adapted to the constantly evolving world of landscape and urban development, and to integrate features of circular economy into its global approach.

« La Natir i pé toute et i fé toute »
"Nature can do everything and anything"
M. de Montaigne

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