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Confection de façades végétalisées

EVE innovates and uses metal structures to produce green facades. Being in control of the watering system and the choice of local plants allows EVE’s teams to create the ideal conditions for a fully harmonious integrated landscape.

The ecological features of EVE's solutions and constructions serve to meet the objectives of reducing temperature differences, thus reducing the need for air conditioning in homes.

EVE has been active in the landscaping sector since 1996, working with rigour, commitment and seeking to preserve Reunion’s natural environment. Within the INEXENCE Group since 2015, EVE has been strengthening and improving its existing offer to ensure it is adapted to the constantly evolving world of landscape and urban development, and to integrate features of circular economy into its global approach.

« La Natir i pé toute et i fé toute »
"Nature can do everything and anything"
M. de Montaigne

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