Our Know-How

Création de Paysages

At EVE, we have considerable expertise in landscaping throughout every phase. The first step consists in shaping the land, and we prepare the modified land according to the standards and sanitary rules in force. Site managers then adjust the modifications in order to create the landscapes desired by the project designers. The...

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Suivi Entretien

All landscaping projects come with a one-year warranty covering maintenance and conservation of the site. This coverage includes cleaning and maintaining soils and plants, plant protection products, watering, lawn mowing, shrub and tree pruning, border trimming, replacing dead plants and collecting green waste. EVE also provides upkeep...

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Moyens Matériels
Material Resources

In Reunion Island, EVE benefits from a range of equipment that is specifically adapted to meet the most demanding of situations, giving us real autonomy across all our sites. Multi-purpose 10-tonne and 19-tonne trucks for transporting soil and trees and collecting green waste. A fleet of vehicles for the transport of personnel and plants. A large fleet of excavators, mini-excavators and loaders...

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